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In the Pre-Design Phase, there is a period in which the project becomes identified as a concept and a project definition and scope are developed. The Project Manager’s knowledge of later project requirements, limitations and options can influence the decision process and provide necessary continuity. Project elements such as risk assessment, strategic planning, phasing of work and procurement strategies are implemented as the expertise of the Project Manager is called upon to bring together and interface the four basic fundamentals of any project: Need, Cost, Function and Timing.

Pre-design phase services:

  • Feasibility Analysis
      • Existing facility analysis
      • Renovation vs. new construction
      • Conceptual scope development
      • Phasing studies
      • Site evaluation
  • Develop Management Plan
      • Scope of Work
      • Project Team – Internal and Client Coordination
      • Budget / cost evaluation
      • Master Schedule
      • Risk Identification and Analysis
      • Project Delivery Methods
  • Selection of Consultants
  • Entitlement Process
  • Develop and Review Consultant / Contractor Agreements